How do you like your eggs?

These are some of our favourite ways to enjoy Skea Eggs

Eggs are not only delicious and healthy for breakfast, they are versatile and convenient for lunch, dinner or a snack.  With just a few fabulously fresh eggs, you have the makings of a feast of family favourites, from scrambled eggs to omelettes, quiches, tarts and frittatas that can be enjoyed throughout the day.  

Eggs can cook in just minutes so they are an easy breakfast solution to help keep hunger at bay and fuel a busy morning.  For a quick and filling breakfast, you can even scramble eggs in a mug, add your favourite ingredients (e.g. fresh veggies, cheese) and microwave – simple.

For people who lead busy lifestyles, eating healthfully is particularly challenging. Tight schedules filled with activities often mean eating away from home, grab-and-go snacks and skipped meals. That is why choosing nutrient-dense foods, such as eggs, is essential. Looking for a quick and portable snack? Hard-boiled eggs are perfect for people on-the-go and come in their own convenient wrapper.

How to boil an egg

Dippy or hard boiled, with our guide to boiling tasty eggs you will never have to worry about timings again

How to poach an egg

Enjoy the perfect poached egg at home.

How to scramble eggs

Scrambled eggs are perfect for glorious weekend brunches.

How to fry eggs

Sandwiched between fluffy bread, there’s nothing lovelier than a sunny-centred fried egg.

Bunless egg, bacon and cheese sandwich

These are so good! Who needs bread when you have eggs!

Loaded Egg Roll

Scrambled eggs are perfect for glorious weekend brunches.

Classic crepes

Scrambled eggs are perfect for glorious weekend brunches.